• How pleased I am that I started Pilates last January with Saba. I have found her classes just what I needed after an enforced break from exercise. Her teaching enables you to improve and build up confidence gradually, without necessarily realising what progress you are making. I expected to have a break over the summer but she offered to put on classes over six weeks if we were interested. What a bonus – having been able to continue has been a great help. Having never done Pilates before, I have no hesitation in recommending it, especially when I have been so lucky finding a teacher as good as Saba. Elizabeth Munt July 2018

  • When I first heard of the classes I was so happy because they were given at a time and price I could afford but not only was this a bonus, the best bonus of all is our instructor Saba, she is very experienced and is very helpful with us ladies of a more mature age, she is such a gentle person and knows our strengths and weaknesses and knows how to deal with us individually and with great care, we come out of her classes feeling bouncy and younger than what we really are!!! I have now been doing Pilates for about 9 months and have noticed changes for the better in my body so I recommend anyone to do Pilates and if it's with Saba even better!!! Gabriella Young (grateful pupil) May 2018

  • Hi, my name is Gay and I have recently joined Saba's Pilates classes. I absolutely love them and when I leave the class I feel bouncy and light in spite of the fact that I'm the OAP age!!! Join and you won't regret it, the classes are great and Saba is a great teacher!!!

    Gabriela Young

  • I run the local Sure Start Children’s Centre and Saba has been teaching Pilates to some of our parents since September. Saba is a very patient and supportive teacher and takes time with each individual to ensure the correct positions are used. Saba is excellent at adapting the moves to suit each participants abilities and leads in a soothing and calm manner. Parents and staff are loving the sessions. One parent told staff that she loves the relaxation part of the session; “it’s so difficult to take time out as a busy parent, but these sessions are amazing at helping us to relax – I love it” One staff member reported “I thought I couldn’t do Pilates after previous disastrous attempts but Saba has given me the confidence to believe I can!” I hope our partnership with Pilates4ladies blossoms and that we have a long and positive relationship ahead of us.

    Sharon Creak

  • Great, feel-good classes with lovely people, run by a friendly, knowledgeable instructor. Sept 2016

    Sheila Abbiss

  • A wonderful and very encouraging instructor. The exercises can be taken to different levels so that the class is suitable for all abilities. I really look forward to the class and waking up some long forgotten muscles. Feb 2016

    Carl Jay

  • I have only been doing pilates for about 4 weeks but I feel so much better for it!  The muscles on the left hand side of my body were much weaker than on the right but already I feel more balanced. I am much more aware of my body and frequently correct bad posture throughout the day. Pilates is perfect for me with its emphasis on stretching and toning rather than a strenuous workout. I feel really good after each class and now practice some of the exercises on my own too. If you want to get fitter and feel better, especially if you don't do much exercise at the moment, I would highly recommend Saba's classes. Deborah April 2017


  • Elizabeth Munt July 2018
  • Gabriella Young
  • Gabriela Young
  • Sharon Creak
  • Sheila Abbiss
  • Carl Jay
  • Deborah