• Great, feel-good classes with lovely people, run by a friendly, knowledgeable instructor.

    Sheila Abbiss

  • A wonderful and very encouraging instructor. The exercises can be taken to different levels so that the class is suitable for all abilities. I really look forward to the class and waking up some long forgotten muscles.

    Carl Jay

  • I have only been doing pilates for about 4 weeks but I feel so much better for it! ┬áThe muscles on the left hand side of my body were much weaker than on the right but already I feel more balanced. I am much more aware of my body and frequently correct bad posture throughout the day. Pilates is perfect for me with its emphasis on stretching and toning rather than a strenuous workout. I feel really good after each class and now practice some of the exercises on my own too. If you want to get fitter and feel better, especially if you don't do much exercise at the moment, I would highly recommend Saba's classes.


  • Sheila Abbiss
  • Carl Jay
  • Deborah